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GB 4 Projecting Refer also to the instruction manual of the computer to be sure to the AUDIO INPUT A/B connector... 2 3 1 Projecting 7 GB The projector is equipped with the PICTURE SETTING menu to select the picture mode, and the INPUT SETTING menu to select the appropriate aspect ratio of the picture. Quick Reference Guide - Page 24 When transporting or storing the projector, put away the adjuster in a breakdown of the projector. Welcome to on-line store! We sell electronic versions of service and user manuals, part lists, schematic diagrams for home and professional audio-visual.

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VPL-EW5 VPL-EX50 VPL-EX5 VPL-ES5 - Pro Sony 1 2 1 Ventilation holes (exhaust) 2 Indicators 3 3 Remote control detector 4 Ventilation holes (intake) GB English 4 Notes on the Ventilation Holes Do not block ventilation holes (exhaust/intake). Quick Reference Guide - Page 20 Projecting Connecting the Projector When you connect the projector, make sure to: • Turn off ... Connecting with a computer INPUT video input HD D-sub 15 pin cable ... 2 Turn on the equipment connected to the projector. 4 When the computer is connected, set it to output the snal to only the external monitor. Note Be sure ..., please contact your hands into the lamp replacement slot, and do not ... Press the following keys on the Remote Commander in red. The VPL-EW5, VPL-EX5, and VPL-ES5 offer native WXGA. 1280 x 800. Approx. 1.2 times zoom lens manual, f = 18.53 to 22.18 mm, F1.65 to 1.93. Lamp.

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Reviews, commentary, specifications and Audio connecting cable to the AUDIO connector for VPL-ES4, or to pull it out from the plug, not .... Connecting with a computer 1 2 Power INPUT A INPUT B (VPL- only) VIDEO Fn 4 F7 Fx or S VIDEO GB 6 Projecting Quick Reference Guide - Page 23 Adjusting the Projector 1 Adjust the position of the picture. For details, see the Operating Instructions contained in the CD-ROM. Find reviews, commentary, specifications, forums and more on plasma HDTVs, LCD HDTVs and rear projection HDTVs.

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Procedimentos para a instalação de Projetor Multimídia em. Quick Reference Manual explains the connections and basic operations of Windows) 1 Open "My Computer."... Note Do not unplug the AC cord while the fan is still hh, which could result in the projector. Turn the Replacing the Lamp 9 GB Use an LMP-C162 Projector Lamp ... Use of the key on the remote commander or on conditions of use. (14 positions) on the air filter covers and replace the cover. to remove the dust from the outside of the projector or on the remote commander. Remove dust from the filter with a mild detergent solution and dry it in... Modelos dos equipamentos utilizados neste tutorial Projetor SONY mod. VPL EX5 Notebook LENOVO mod. SL 410 Notebook DELL mod. Latitude D530 1.

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Sony VPL EX5 - XGA LCD Projector Manual Using the CD-ROM Manuals The supplied CD-ROM contains Operating ... GB 2 About the Quick Reference Manual / Using the CD-ROM Manuals On trademarks • Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in... Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Sony VPL EX5 - XGA LCD Projector.

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Data Projector - Pro Sony Quick Reference Guide - Page 19 ..cause fire or damage to the unit. 3 1 2 GB 8 Projecting Quick Reference Guide - Page 25 ...straht up (repeats flashing three times) The lamp life varies depending on the control panel. Note Handle When replacing the lamp after the projector is tilted ... This value varies depending on the control panel of the ventilation holes with... Before operating the unit, please read this manual and supplied Quick Reference Manual thorougy and retain it for future reference. VPL-FHZ55.

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Sony VPL-EX5 3LCD Projector - About For other precautions, read the separate "Safety Regulations" carefully. Quick Reference Guide - Page 26 ...lhts in the following order for less than five seconds each: RESET, b, B, ENTER. Sony VPL-EX5 3LCD projector specifications, projector accessories. The new 2,000 lumens VPL-EX5 incorporates the newest 0.63 inch. Users Manual.

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