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Tokina AT-X 150-500mm f/5.6 Review - Ken Rockwell Identical or hy similar lenses with only minor cosmetic changes were sold under other brand names, such as Vivitar, Spiratone, Lentar, Tele-Astranar, and Cambron. This is an exotic manual-focus third-party lens that was made to fit Nikon, Canon FD, and some other cameras. Tokina 150-500mm f/5.6 AT-X in Canon FD Mount. 150mm. -1.0. 200mm. -0.5. 250mm. -0.5. 300mm. -0.5. 400mm. -0.5. 500mm.

Tokina 400mm F5.6 SD AT-X 400 AF A-mount alpha lens Also, there are at least three different versions of the 6.3/400 available: (i) an earlier lens with a preset aperture mechanism that was manufactured by Kino Precision Industries in the late 1960s; (ii) a 1970s-optic with an automatic diaphragm, which was produced by Tokina (labelled "Tele-Auto"), and (iii) an automatic aperture lens produced by Sun Optical (labelled "Auto"). Tokina 400mm F5.6 SD AT-X 400 AF A-mount lens owner reviews. is better hands on. I would say the sma has faster AF, but that's because it doesn't focus as close as the Tokina. Usable with a 2.0xTC but you are in manual world.

Hin's Photo Corner Tokina SD 400mm f/5.6 All versions feature a solid, all-metal construction, a rotating tripod mount, and a built-in, retractable lens hood. Out of my quest to find a Pentax 400mm manual focus lens, I got a used copy of Tokina SD 400mm f/5.6. Thank you so much to the previous.

SOLOR 400mm f/5.6 review - APOTELYT The preset-version lens does not automatiy stop down the aperture when a shot is taken, as its T2-mount does not transmit this information between camera and lens. One is used to "preset" the aperture, and the other to actually stop the lens down. The Solor 15.6/400mm is a rare telephoto lens that can be had as a. manual focus prime lens with M42 or fixed SLR mount;; aperture range.

Tokina SD 400mm f/5.6 Lens Reviews - The Solor 1:6.3/400mm is a manual-focus, third party telephoto lens that is available for different camera mounts. Tokina SD 400mm f/5.6 reviews and specifications. Manual focus telephoto lens. The earlier and quite similar in appearance RMC tokina 400mm is listed. This is.

SOLOR 400mm f/6.3 review - APOTELYT The lens was actually not produced by Solor itself, but by a contract manufacturer. The Solor 16.3/400mm is a manual-focus, third party telephoto lens. by Tokina labelled "Tele-Auto", and iii an automatic aperture lens.

Tokina 400mm f/5.6 SD Specifications and Opinions In use, one would set the aperture ring to the shooting aperture (for example, f/8), and then open the lens up with the second ring to enable focusing in a brhter viewfinder. The Tokina 400mm f/5.6 SD is a supertele lens for FF and APS-C, discontinued. The focus is done by Manual Focus, it does not have image.

Tokina 400mm RMC Manual focus - YouTube I test manual focus lens, Tokina 400mm F5.6 Manual focus

Tokina AT-X 400AF 400mm f/5.6 Reviews - Tokina AT-X 400AF 400mm f/5.6 - 35mm Primes -. d The manual focus control rotates in the same direction as Nikon lenses e The manual aperture control.

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