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Visual FoxPro - pedia An OOP XBase descendent, very powerful for fat client, middle tier, and web applications. Visual FoxPro was a data-centric, object-oriented, procedural, programming language. Visual FoxPro 9 will be supported by Microsoft through 2015.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Tutorial VFP Video Training via DVD. NEW: I added the English version To read the book Expert in Visual Fox Pro 9.0 SP2 in English in PDF format (2.16 MB) click here. Sample Microsoft Visual FoxPro tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below. Applicable for versions 6.0, 7, 8 and 9.0, the video training includes tuition on the.

CSC4FP Programmer's Manual - MarshallSoft OOP, XML, C/S, ODBC, Win Apps, n-tier, Data, COM, Rushmore, does it all. Page 8. 2.4 FoxPro Forms. Page 9. 2.5 Dynamic Strings. Page 9. The Client / Server Communications Library for Visual FoxPro CSC4FP is a.

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