Who quality of life-bref (whoqol-bref) manual

E-epih.org/upload/pdf/epih-e2016005-AOP.pdf It assesses the individual's perceptions in the context of their culture and value systems, and their personal goals, standards and concerns. Application of World Health Organization Quality of Life Instrument, Short Form WHOQOL-BREF in measuring quality of life in patients with cataract.

World Health Organization Quality of Life- BREF WHOQOL-BREF. The WHOQOL instruments were developed collaboratively in a number of centres worldwide, and have been widely field-tested. Stratified random sample by current employment status of 30 subjects, selected from those who had been employed before the. WHOQOL-BREF quality of life.

Manual whoqol The World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL) project was initiated in 1991. WHOQOL-Bref, still in field trials, is a subset of 26 items taken from the WHO Quality of Life-BREF WHOQOL-BREF The World Health Organization.

Who quality of life-bref (whoqol-bref) manual:

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