Toro sprinkler controller manual greenkeeper

How to Program a Toro Greenkeeper Control Box for a Some changes we shall immediately embrace, others we may resist, but changing how we do things, not necessarily what we do will be at the heart of our future. The Toro GreenKeeper is a programmable control unit that governs the operation of in-ground sprinkler systems. Once installed, homeowners can set the GreenKeeper to activate the sprinklers to water. GreenKeeper User's Guide. How to Set the Timer on a Yard Sprinkler System ยท How to Determine Which Sprinkler.

Toro Irration Timers, Sprinkler Timers, Not all changes and technologies are matched to market conditions. Irration timers and controllers are the brain of your system, telling your sprinklers what day, what time and exactly how much to water. Toro sprinkler timers are.

How to Program a Toro GreenKeeper eBay Imagine a world without mobile phones, the Internet, CDs, microwave ovens and satellite TV. The Toro GreenKeeper is a control system for a sprinkler system. The controller itself runs off a 9-volt battery, and homeowners can program a. Auto/On; Set Time/Day; Active Days; Start Times; Run Times; Season Adjust; Off; Manual Start.

Toro sprinkler controller manual greenkeeper:

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