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ID Singer Machines - Sandman-Collectibles They are very strong, heavy old machines and turn up on treadles from time to time. Mar 1, 2016. Identify your old pre-1965 cast metal Singer sewing machines by using our free. Now open the slide plate and look at the Bobbin Case.

Another operator's manual for Singer 31 class sewing. - Bootmaker Welcome to Treadle On's Sewing Machine Maintenance and Repair Shop. Singer Stainless Oil for Hh Speed Sewing Machines". I'WII' III mmmfm-turmg. U If genuine Singer parts and needles are used. Sup- plies are available at all.

Singer 31 15 Industrial Sewing Machine with Table Leather - YouTube The pages available here will provide the information you need to select, restore and use treadle and hand crank machines. Jun 13, 2013. Singer 31 15 Industrial Sewing Machine with Table Leather, Upholstery. A bobbin winder, an adjustable lamp, and a 2 spool threadstand.

Downloadable Sewing Machine Manuals For information on restoration of cabinets or projects that involve wood working, such as installing new treadle tops and building hand crank or display bases, go to The Wood Shop. Free sewing machine manuals you may download from the internet. Including those for Singer Featherwehts, White Rotarys, and other. 31-15Parts.

Singer® Parts Lists - Universal Sewing Supply Click on the headings to go to the relevant pages Useful information from Katrina, many thanks... Parts Lists for Singer. Click Machine Model to open parts list in a new window. You will. 103K10, 103K10, Parts List for Machine 103K10, 19765, 21, 1.2 MB.

TreadleOn - The Sewing Machine Shop This page is a guide to cleaning up that grungy, sluggish machine head you just brought home from the garage sale. Modifying a Modern Walking Foot for Use with Singer 31-15 and 31-20. The 31. Susan and Terry Bentley came up with a nice set of instructions on making the.

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Singer 31-15 user manual:

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