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Sitemap - Tring Astronomy Centre The observatory currently has (2) Windows workstations. Altair Manual AZ Alt Azimuth Telescope Mounts. AstroTrac TT320X-AG · AstroTrac Travel System · AstroTrac Holiday Special Deal · AstroTrac TP3065 Pier.

Astrotrac TT320-AG Used Telescopes - Astro One is used strictly for imaging -- running all associated software for controlling the mount, telescope, cameras, etc. I am selling my astrotrac which is only used few times, it comes with polarscope and a nice panasonic case Astrotrac is in an excellent condition.

Urban Astronomy Equipment Although I am certainly not immune to the "Siren's " whenever looking at fabulous new offerings from some of these astro vendors, at the end of the day the gear is still a means to an end -- capturing celestial vistas that elude the eye. This 12'x16' roll-off style structure was built by the great guys at Backyard Observatories in June, 2010. For more information on this equipment, take a look at the SX manual which can. AstroTrac TT320X-AG; ultra precise and compact equatorial tracking mount.

Ivaylo Stoynov - Author Gallery The guys also provided (2) custom piers, roof motor, and installed the M1OASYS unit for control. To see construction photos and time-lapse video CLICK HERE. Although the observatory can actually be driven from anywhere there is an internet connection, much time is spent in this seat confuring, programming, and maintaining the systems. I have helped him with instructions how to use APT during the acquisition and then processed the. Scope Lens Samyang 85/1.4 at f/4, AstroTrac TT320X-AG.

Astronomy Shed UK Astronomy Forum • View topic - Altair Without a doubt, there is an alluring sexiness to well-crafted, hh-tech, gear (okay, maybe it's a "guy thing"). Strict mental instructions not to buy anything. However, still had a hankering for. Astrotrac TT320X-AG Travel System Sequence Generator Pro.

NEAF 2011 RainyDayMagazine In fact, some folks seem to focus more on the gear than the stars! Of course, the most important piece of gear at Buck Snort Observatory is the observatory itself. Another interesting device for the DSLR astrophotographer is the TT320X-AG from AstroTrac. It is a compact, portable, DSLR mount/tracker.

AstroTrac TT320x-AG with Polar Scope BBC Sky at The second is used as a Meteor Scanner, constantly recording live video all nht long. Hi guys. Just wondered if anybody has any experience with the astrotrac. It looks like a 'good next step' from a dslr on a tripod but does seem.

Have G11 owners had issues with internal battery? -- Canon G Here's what the manual says similar to yours above. ES 80ED, Skywatcher HEQ5 Mount, Astrotrac TT320X-AG, Astronomik CLS Clip in filter.

Equipment - Bucksnort Observatory This is my lhtest and most portable "Grab & Go" r -- the AstroTrac TT320X AG tracking mount, riding on the AstroTrac Wedge and Gitzo carbon fiber tripod.

The World of OPT April 2011 Astrotrac- Leading the Future of Portable EQ Mounts. The EQ mount, just like it's baby brother the TT320X AG, is a cinch to tote around. accurate, and a lot less money than the premium dual speed manual knob upgrades.

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