Victorio food strainer manual

Food Strainer Tomato Strainer Back to Basics - Everything Kitchens You halve or quarter your apples and put them into a b stock pot. Add a little water to the pot to keep the apples from scorching, then you cook them for 15-25 minutes until they are soft (while you go do something else! Then you run the soft apples through your Victorio. Back to Basics tomato and food strainers save time and money by preventing waste. Everything. Victorio Food Strainer Sauce Maker Accessory 4 Pack.

Food Strainer VKP250 Manual - Victorio Kitchen Products The process barely even challenged my arm muscles it was so easy. Before using your new Victorio Food Strainer, please read and follow all instructions. Carefully study the diagrams on the following pages to become familiar.

Victorio Strainer eBay All the core and skin comes out the shoot, leaving bowl after bowl full of beautiful, smooth applesauce. Victorio Strainer #200 Vitantonio Juicer Puree Baby Food Apple Tomato Sauce. Victorio Strainer #200 Food Ready To Use w/ 1 Screen-Instructions-Masher +.

Victorio food strainer manual:

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