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BCD396XT Complete Reference - Uniden Customer I replaced the stock antenna with an all metal long telescopic antenna! having all the best software and a 6 month subscription to radio reference, plus past experience, made it very easy to program! plus shipping, it was still a lot cheaper than buying it in Canada! However, using a 160 MHz mobile whip in the car yields excellent receive perfomance on the fire frequencies (which are around 160 MHz here).

Uniden BCD325P2 Phase II Handheld Dital As expected, some intermods are evident with the hher performance antenna, but they are not too objectionable for the most part, except in a couple of locations, where trunking control channels break through. Uniden Bearcat BCD325P2 Police Scanner builds on the solid cal prowess of the BCD396XT by adding APCO Project 25 Phase II support and a USB front port for.

Uniden Accessories for Police Scanner Radios. UHF CB reception on 477 MHz is good with this antenna as well. Uniden Accessories for Police Scanner Radios. Uniden Bearcat 3" External Speaker BC7 This small inexpensive speaker is great for any Uniden or Whistler

Ubcd396xt owner's manual - Uniden Description: Compact APCO 25 Handheld Scanner The BCD396XT comes equipped with Uniden exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close RF Capture Technology, and GPS compatibility. So far, I've only used the BCD396XT on analog FM services both 25 and 12.5 k Hz spacing, as the fire service hasn't yet converted their infrastructure to dital. UBCD396XT. OWNER'S MANUAL. Page 2. NOTE ON COLOURED TEXT • Sections within this document are numbered to help you navate the content.

Easier to Read BCD396XT Dital Scanner Manual I got an excellent price, because it was refurbished! It is one of the best analog/dital scanners I've seen and used! While out walking, I successfully identified the frequency in use at a public event, as well as catching a passing motorist on UHF CB (who drove rht past! However, I normally leave Close turned off, because it tends to lock into nearby trunking control channels, which are annoying to listen to. Here we go again. Uniden has put out this fabulous scanner that will do a multitude of scanning achievement and you are here to find out how.

Unitrunker and with 2-3 of the top software, it was very easy to program on my PC! The Close feature works well, and is useful for identifying frequencies of unknown nearby users. Displays RSSI, window and applied correction; 2015/06/16 Multiple VCOs for AirSpy and Realtek SDRs; 2014/11/29 Discover mode; Chase.

Accessories for Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police so I was already familier with the dital version! I have been able to consistently hear repeaters up to 100km away, including 2 or 3 belonging to the network in our region (and simulcasting the same dispatch traffic). Accessories for Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police Scanner. Wallet-sized Quick Reference for Uniden BCT15X Note This product is non-returnable for credit

ProScan Computer Aided Scanning Software for the Uniden BCT15 BCT15X BC250D BC296D BR330T BC346XT BC346XTC BCD325P2 BCD396T BCD396XT BCD436HP

Uniden Bearcat BCD396XT Handheld Dital Scanner Radio Direct from the manufacturer, you can download information about the scanner. You can view the official Uniden PDF manual at Uniden BCD396XT manual.

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