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Sears Craftsman - Publication Reprints I realize that this is a bit off target here, but not too far off. I use my woodworking tools building all my PM wooden housing. See the attached pics to help me identify it Thanks, Joe I have a 40 year old craftsman that looks a lot like yours but a little bit different. On one of the woodworking forums, one writer pictured several shots of his unit. S est. Radial Arm Saws, 9-29356 Craftsman Radial Arm Saw Manual Brake Accessory, 2, Kachadurian, Brian. 12/22/2016, 1977, Radial Arm.

Crafts Radial Saw Instruction Manual model 113.199250 I recently purchased an old CRAFTSMAN radial arm saw at a garage sale and want to try to get a manual for it. Its still a great saw and I use it every week, it was the first b saw that I purchased. Except for the color, it seems to be identical to this one. Sears owners manual. MODEL NO. 113.199200. SAW ONLY. 113.199250. SAW WITH LEGS. Serial Number Model and serial number may be found at the front.

Craftsman Radial Arm Saw Get the Job Done with Solid Tools They should have put the model # on the saw, the books get old, lost, or hard to read. They said the Craftsman machines were no longer bronze color after 1960 or so. I had a new one in the 70's that looked nearly like another new one I had in the 2002,you were fortunate to nail it down so quickly. Craftsman Professional 3 HP 10" Radial Arm Saw with LaserTrac 22010 1. Saw, Stand, Blade, Arbor Mounted Laser, and Owners Manual. Color.

Craftsman Manuals Archive - Router Forums I have the operational manual for my 1966 Craftsman radial arm saw. The model numbers above are for this bronze colored machine. Good luck with your project ,,,,,,,,,, RAS's are very versital but can also hurt you if you get complacen with them, so stay alert my friend. If you cant find bearings thru Sears, try an electric motor repair shop. Download any Craftsman manual free, also if you have a manual that is. Arm Saw Craftsman Radial Arm Saw 113.29341; Router Craftsman Router Manuals.

Can anyone identify this model of Saw? - Purple Martin I also did about 3 hrs worth of google searching online last nht on every think I could think of involving old Craftsman Radial Arm Saws. So take a look at the guard's shape when comparing with your saw. I recently purchased an old CRAFTSMAN radial arm saw at a garage sale and want to try to get a manual for it. If one even exists. It's pretty old.

Craftsman Professional 3 HP 10" Radial Arm The problem with finding the model # is that you will need the book that came with the saw, mine is hard to read but the number is 2300. Problem is, it's bronze in color, rather than gun metal gray. There was a second one that fit the bill too, but scanning the sears. Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw with LaserTrac - Adaptation and Accuracy The. cross cuts up to 29", so no matter the specs, you'll have a cut you can trust.

Craftsman Radial Arm Saw Manuals - Hammerwall Craftsman typiy buys from different mfg companies, so they have many different models. One of the replies to that article pointed that out and said that the bronze color indicated that it mht be a '50s era machine. I could not get the site to load as you listed it, but going to com got me to that page eventually. com site showed that number (103.23150) as a j saw. Thanks again Joe Joe I didn't get involved in this post purposly because I knew so many were look alikes over the years. Craftsman 10 Inch Radial Saw Owners Manual 113.198110. Craftsman Accra-Arm 10 Inch Radial Arm Saw Manual 113.29001.

Letter of Interpretation - Craftsman Radial Arm Saw - OSHA P. D. #100-92 which allows manually adjusted guards. Craftsman Radial Arm Saw Model 113.196221, 113.196321, and 113.196421.

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