Cla-val pressure reducing valve manual

PT. Piping System Indonesia – Brands – CLAVAL Refer to Auto-Adjusting PRV for instructions Note: If the PRV is located at a fire pump (Usually a Cla-Val type) the information can be entered into the Hydra CALC pump curve. ClaVal's automatic control valves are specifiy desned to meet the. Pressure Reducing/Pressure Regulating Valve PRV automatiy reduces a hher.

Solutions by Harper Control Solutions & Claval You will need the manufacturer's material specification sheet for the valve you are using and enter the pressure loss for that valve. Specially desned Claval pressure reducing and pressure relief valves are used. installation, operation and maintenance manuals; application overviews and.

Pressure Reducing Valve PRV - Fixed Outlet - Cla-Val - Cla-Val UK The pressure loss for this type of PRV can be entered into Hydra CALC as a fixed pressure loss. The Model 90-01 automatic pressure reducing valve prv is desned to steady a lower downstream pressure. With vast adjustment ranges & pressure ranges.

Globe valve / pressure reducing - 90-21 series - CLA-VAL Automatic. Two Hydra CALC Input files are required for each of those three calculations: Input file 1 – The sprinkler system to the PRV and Input file 2 - the PRV to the supply. The Cla-Val 90G-21 globe and 90A-21 angle pressure reducing valves naturally lessen a greater inlet pressure to a constant lower outlet pressure regardless.

To download the PDF file. - Spartan Controls Refer to Fixed PRV for instructions A Cla-Val - Pressure Reducing Valve (there are other brands available) will automatiy reduce a hher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure, regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure. Description. The CRD40 Pressure Reducing Control automatiy reduces a. It is used as a pilot control with Cla-Val automatic control valves to hold a.

CLAVAL Three calculations are required for a factory set or field adjustable PRV: Static at PRV, System Demand at PRV and Maximum Residual Pressure Available at PRV. CLA-VAL fire protection products include pump pressure relief valves, pump suction control valves, deluge valves, pressure regulating valves and backflow.

Automatic Control Valves - Watts Water Technologies Use those calculation results to determine which setting to use for the required flow demand. COMPETITIVE CROSS-REFERENCE GUIDE. Watts ACV. Cla-Val. Model No. Model No. Description. Pressure Reducing and Pressure Sustaining Control Valve. 115-4. 93-01. Pressure. 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 7, 9. Manual operator standard.

Cla-val pressure reducing valve manual:

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